Little handmade mohair bears from Hertford

Burr bear with spiderweb jacket

One Burr bear for sale – this bear is looking for a loving home.

He is handmade from mohair and is fully jointed.  He sports a little black felt scarf and a handmade cotton jacket with a spiderweb design.

He is 21cm tall but, like all small bears, infinitely prefers sitting down.

He really needs taking in hand. At the moment his hobbies involve cross-breeding varieties of felted wool succulent to produce tumbling varieties in anticipation of global warming, and writing murder-mystery books featuring a series of Grizzly murders set exclusively during the dark and mysterious months of hibernation. 

This little fellow is available from Hertford Town & Tourist Information Office and costs £80.  If you would like to purchase him, please email Tina/Helena in the office on or telephone them on 01992 584322

What’s not included in the price? All the props. If they’re at all edible, they’ll have been eaten. Otherwise they’ll be recycled.