Black Brier bear in orange jumper

This little fellow has found his loving home. He is living very happily in Hertford and able to keep an extremely close eye on all the goings on; just what a tiny bear most enjoys.  

Brown Burr Bear in Blue and Brown jumper

This little brown Burr bear has found his loving home. He has certainly left Hertford but has been extremely mysterious abut his intended future location, saying only that it might be somewhere between the UK and Australia. His former life contained a few shady periods (to put it mildly) and so the suspicion is that […]

Tiny apricot Khilda bear

This littleKhilda bear has found his forever home.  Apparently it is a temporary adoption and he will be residing in a comfortable cupboard before a Christmas rehoming.  But he is NOT worried.  There are lots of eggs to be eaten!.  

Tiny ginger brown Khilda bear

This little fellow has been very happily adopted.  He remains in his element, dispensing his decent brew and wisdom to all in the locality – whether they want it or not. More tea vicar!?

Ginger Brier bear with green jumper

This little Brier bear has found his forever loving home in beautiful Italy. He has long harboured a plan to set up as a very small scale olive tree grower producing extremely refined oil for the dual purposes of both glossing bear fur during hibernation and the lubrication of ancient rusty hinges. Marketing this product […]

Brown Burr bear in reindeer jumper

This bear has found his forever loving home in wildest Essex. He continues with his plans to distribute comforting hibernation packs to any needy bears in the vicinity. Unfortunately his planning tends to go somewhat awry and the first packs are, invariably, never ready until late spring each year. This is largely due to his […]

Blue Burr bear with orange striped jumper

One little blue Burr bear for sale – this bear is looking for a loving home. He is handmade from mohair and is fully jointed.  He sports a little beige raw-edge scarf made from vintage silk and a hand-knitted wool polo neck jumper. He is 16cm tall but, like all small bears, infinitely prefers sitting […]

Lilac Burr bear with green stripe jumper

This little bear has found his loving and forever home.  He has packed his bags and set off for his brand new happy future gilding lilies (occasionally) and (more often) a range of wholesome homegrown vegetables for celebratory tableware displays.

Small Burr bear with lilac jumper

This little bear has found his loving home. Amazingly, he has been found by someone willing to tolerate his habit of writing and performing, generally to a full moon, modernised traditional sea shanties. Fortunately his new bedroom is very well sound-proofed.  

Brown Burr bear in blue ‘fair isle’ jumper

.This little fellow has set off for his forever home in beautiful Italy. He is beside himself with excitement since he has held a longstanding ambition to perform on stage alongside some of the greatest opera stars and where better? He read somewhere of Walton’s opera ‘The Bear’ and misguidedly assumed it would have a […]