Little black Harris bear

Little black mohair bear for sale

This little Harris bear has found his loving home in Ontario, Canada. Despite a new and wonderful outdoor life he always reserves Tuesday afternoons for private contemplation. In fact, he spends this time in a corner of the garage perfecting his pumpkin-carving. Unfortunately there are no photos of the results yet available.

Little dark orange Brier bear

This little bear has gone to join one of his close relatives in the maple syrup lake territories of Canada. The postcards sent back showing great adventures in snow clad wonderlands were too good to ignore. He has thrown in the towel regarding his wide-brimmed cotton shower-hat business and decided to respond to the call […]

Small pinky-beige Brier bear

This little bear has found a forever loving home. In a change from all his previous hobbies he has now invested heavily in cross-breeding clematis plants that grow laterally and which are uniquely suitable for canal boat owners. His uncanny ability to spot a niche market has attracted considerable comment.  

Golden brown Burr bear

This bear has found his forever loving home. His undoubted skills at extreme macrame have proved irresistible in various corners of our much-loved planet. Where he is going isn’t actually one of them so he looks forward to discussing a series of winter evening classes entitled ‘Get Knotted’ with an unsuspecting community on arrival.   

Light brown Burr bear

This little Burr bear has found his forever loving home. He maintains a keen, if misplaced, interest in woodworking and spends many contented hours designing the ground rules for a nationwide challenge for competitive raised-bed building. Apparently he has sent these off to various famous garden designers but declines to spill the beans about their […]

Little grey Brier bear

This little grey Brier bear has found his forever home He has packed his bags and boots and gone to live in beautiful Switzerland.  This is all very exciting for him. His previous interest in downhill piano racing has now risen to unexpectedly new heights.  He writes to say that he looks forward to filling […]

Pale brown Burr bear

This little bear has found his loving home in glorious Switzerland. He really cannot believe his luck. All his life he has been devising schemes to reconstruct the last known movements of Sherlock Holmes and that devilish chap Moriarty, and firmly believes that Conan Doyle may have got his facts wrong. It is entirely possible […]

Little sparse-hair blue Brier bear

This little blue Brier bear has found his forever loving home. He has gone to live in a very sophisticated part of the US, surrounded by glorious gardens and culture. Moreover, he has been embraced by a large and generous hug of varied bears and seems to be spending most of his days holding court […]

Tiny lilac-grey Khilda bear

Tiny lilac-grey mohair bear for sale. He is handmade and fully-jointed, and looking for a loving home. Price includes p&p within the UK.

Silver-grey Burr bear

One handmade silver-grey mohair bear for sale. He is fully jointed. Price includes postage and packing within UK. Email for elsewhere