Little handmade mohair bears from Hertford

Golden Burr bear in black and grey jumper

One chunky Burr bear for sale – this bear is looking for a loving home.

He is handmade from mohair and fully jointed.  He sports a little blue raw-edge scarf made from vintage silk and a hand-knitted black and grey jumper.

He is 22cm tall but, like all small bears, infinitely prefers sitting down.

He considers himself a bit of a bear about town and likes to practise his swagger in quiet moments when no-one is looking. Fortunately it isn’t yet a move which he considers suitable for public viewing – so we are all spared for the time being. His hobbies include making himself available to trial haircare products and this has resulted in a general increase in full-body fluff.

This chunky fellow is available from Hertford Town & Tourist Information Office and costs £90. If you would like to purchase him, please email Tina/Helena in the office on or telephone them on 01992 584322