Little handmade mohair bears from Hertford

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of terms and conditions:
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1. About the products

1.1  Each GreensBear is hand-made and unique, variations in colour, shape and size are an intrinsic part of the craft of making small bears.
1.2  Each GreensBear is made with genuine mohair fabric.
1.3  GreensBears are NOT suitable for small children. They are made with small parts (the eyes and internal limb joints) which could prove harmful if swallowed.

2. Ordering and payment

2.1  By placing your order you confirm that you have read, checked and approved all details on the website and that you agree to these terms and conditions.
2.2  Orders are released for dispatch when full payment, including all delivery charges, is received and cleared.
2.3  All quotations and invoices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP). If paying from a non-GBP account, customer payment must include all exchange and bank charges.
2.4  In the event that an order is cancelled before a GreensBear is despatched full payment is refundable.
2.5  Returns are accepted on bears that are in their original condition and box.  A refund will be given minus the return delivery charge. For any items returned not in original condition and/or box, charges will be deducted from original sale price.

3. Packing, delivery and collections

3.1  GreensBears can deliver worldwide. Separate costs for packing and delivery will be calculated and advised on receipt of an enquiry email.
3.2  Any taxes payable at the destination port, customs clearance fees, or any other costs, are the responsibility of the customer.
3.3  Goods must be inspected thoroughly on arrival. Prompt notification of any damage incurred in transit, along with supporting photographic evidence, is required to process any insurance claim. Goods must be returned with no additional charge to the customer, and they will either receive a full refund, or will be given the option to accept a repair. The goods will be redelivered as soon as possible.
3.4 Any damage that occurs after delivery is not the responsibility of GreensBears
3.5  Customers organising their own shipping, accept full responsibility for the product and it’s shipping once collected from our premises. Any damage incurred thereafter will not be the responsibility of GreensBears.

4. Legal jurisdiction

4.1  The GreensBears website is managed and operated from my studio within England and the laws of England and Wales govern claims relating to it, including any use of the website and all the information and images contained within it.
4.2  If you choose to access our website from outside England and Wales, you do so on your own initiative and you hereby agree that in the event of a dispute between GreensBears and you, the laws of England and Wales will apply at all times.
4.3  I am committed to establishing harmonious long-term relationships with my customers. In the event of any dispute, I will always endeavour to resolve matter to the satisfaction of all parties.

5. Copyright and intellectual property rights

5.1  GreensBears retains full rights to its intellectual property in relation to its products, including copyright of images, copy from the GreensBears website or any online or printed media prepared by Frances Green/GreensBears or on its behalf, and that these rights belong solely to Frances Green/GreensBears

6. Disclaimer

6.1  Frances Green/GreensBears accepts no responsibility and will have no liability for any claim arising through following advice, or using information of any kind stated on this website or through any form of communication, verbal or otherwise with Frances Green/GreensBears or its agents.

7. Keeping in touch

7.1  All customers who provide their email address to make an enquiry, request information or purchase our goods will be added to my mailing list to be kept up to date with special events, news and product launches. Please notify me by email if you wish us to remove your details from my e-mailing list.
7.2   Your details will only ever be used by GreensBears and are never passed on to any third party unconnected to the operation of Greensbears and this website.