Little handmade mohair bears from Hertford

White Burr bear with multicoloured jumper

One little white Burr bear for sale – this bear is looking for a loving home.

He is handmade from mohair and is fully jointed. He sports a hand-knitted multi-coloured wool jumper.

He is 17cm tall but, like all small bears, infinitely prefers sitting down.

He really needs taking in hand. At the moment his hobbies include spearheading a national campaign to re-name alarm clocks. He feels that the word alarm is unnecessarily, er, alarmist and that some more appropriate terminology should be deployed. Responses to his surveys seeking alternatives have, so far, not produced any reliable, or indeed printable, outcome. He feels that this, in itself, should provide some sort of wake-up call regarding the current state of the nation.

The price below includes postage and packing for the UK. If you are interested in homing and educating him in his ways but live outside the UK, please contact me first for a revised cost including overseas shipping.

What’s not included in the price? All the props. If they’re at all edible, they’ll have been eaten. Otherwise they’ll be recycled.