Little handmade mohair bears from Hertford

Why bears?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure.

I had a working life in an environment entirely unrelated to anything very creative following which I discovered textile art – which I still pursue.

One day, rather unexpectedly, bears started walking across my path. I decided to walk with them because, after all, why wouldn’t you? That’s how it all started. Greensbears is based in Hertford, UK – an attractive town with lots of history north of London.

It is a really lovely setting in which to work and imagine tiny bears going about their business. 

Making bears is a hobby for me. I keep them small and it’s nice to take them out and photograph them at home or in various nooks and crannies around Hertford.

I do sell my bears.  If you are interested to see what is available, take a look at the ‘Bears in waiting’ page. I work too slowly to take on many commissions, but do ask just in case you catch me with some time on my hands. Bears that have already been adopted can be found on the ‘Adopted bears’ page. 

I use four basic patterns to make my bears with pattern names inspired by memories of island-based holidays over the years. The patterns vary in body, head shape and size. All bears are made with real mohair fabric and are fully-jointed. I stuff them with kapok and use a little bag of  tiny steel ball-bearings to give their bodies some weight. These four patterns give me some variety in their making but, depending on the mohair used, they all turn out rather differently anyway. And once you’ve added their eyes and embroidered their noses, each bear assumes its own personality and interests.  As you will see!  

The bears range in height from about 10 cm (Khilda) to about 18cm (Burr), but there’s just no telling really what will emerge after the stitching!

One final thing. My bears are not toys as such and, because they have little sewn-in glass eyes and other parts which would be dangerous if swallowed, they are definitely not suitable for small children.

Feedback from bear adopters

It’s always a great pleasure to see a little bear emerge from a pile of mohair and stuffing. It’s even nicer if someone else experiences the same pleasure. Some lovely comments have come my way:

What a beautiful bear – now sitting on my desk and keeping me company

I absolutely jumped for joy when I opened the box – thank you!’

It is a great daily delight to be greeted by my bear’

Thank you

Whether or not bears are your thing, thank you for looking.

Frances Green